Independent tour (1h30)

There are information boards on the tour and some audio-visual rooms. You will discover 30 rooms in the entire castle. Imagine life was in the castle over the centuries, the excitement in the “100 Logs Kitchen” when preparing a feast, the bread baking int the Bakery, the celebration in the Three Marshall’s Hall and much more.

The audio guide available to you for your visit is light. Designed as a live lecture, it explains and amplifies the crucial moments in history of the village and its rising importance.

During your tour, you will see…

Chateau de Duras - Salon de billard

Refurnish of some rooms

It’s like you were there! You enter the duchess apartment and discover the castle life in 17th century. We decide to furnish two wing of the castle, thanks to partnership with “Mobilier national”, formerly named the “Royal Furniture Depository”.  Providing furniture for the “Elysée” (residence of the Republic President in Paris) and other French ministries and embassies all over the world, the “Mobilier National” refurnished 10 other Châteaux since 2012.

Audio visual rooms

Two rooms complete the tour of the castle. In the Ghost room, five historical people tell you about the story of the place. In the Model room, you will discover the different construction of the castle and his history across time.

Earthenware exhibition

Revolutionary earthenware tells you about the Great History and the point of view of the artistes on their society.

Climb of the tower

A climb of 120 stairs will be you discovered a panoramic view on countryside of Duras.

Discovery of the underground: the domesticity spaces

Under the main courtyard, go to discover the domesticity rooms! The Bakery, the “100 Logs” Kitchen will be domesticity life in ducal house.

Chateau de Duras - La tour



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